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A mysterious music album is hiding Bitcoin

A pseudonymous Redditor has decided to commemorate the Bitcoin's halving by releasing a music album that also includes a riddle. And whoever figures it out will receive a password for a wallet with 0.05 BTC that is worth around $450.

The creator of the puzzle, also known as "logic_beach", has hidden the seed to a wallet containing ~0.03 (+ 0.02) BTC inside of his latest album. As the fellow admits himself, it's not much but people are adding more to the bounty nevertheless.

However, the rules of the game are rather vague as it is not entirely clear how to solve this puzzle because the author did not specify where to look for clues. The only indication was that the users need to download a lossless version of his album “Bifurcations” from Bandcamp, which implies that some kind of hints have been enclosed in the audio files.

Apparently, as it's been later confirmed, "logic_beach" is further confusing the Bitcoin hunters by claiming that the video of the album on Youtube also has at least one visual clue.

Whoever fully uncovers a "seed phrase", which is a list of 12 words arranged in a specified order designed to recover Bitcoin funds on-chain, gets the reward. Rumor has it that one user seems to have unsealed eight words so far and is in the lead, but the word order is of the essence here and it's been rather difficult to verify that.

The album can be downloaded for free however, donations can be made on Bandcamp, and all the funds will be added to the prize, which has already reached 0.05 BTC.

No one has claimed their prize yet but users must hurry because the deadline is not so far away. If the puzzle is not solved by May 21, the creator will halt the competition and explain the solution.

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