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Bitcoin will reach $100k by 2021 - According to Analyst Prediction

As we know from a recent post - Bitcoin is surging upwards. Since then, it broke $10,000 and has now fallen under the 5-digit mark once more. However, some are predicting the surge to happen again, and happen rapidly.

The author of one of the most popular BTC Price-Prediction models, PlanB, recently posted an update regarding their price prediction for the upcoming years and it's definitely interesting!

Using yearly data, PlanB arrives at a healthy price of $100,000. The date the analyst previously gave to their BTC price prediction is at some point during 2021.

As PlanB mentioned on Twitter, they have long-held the belief that BTC has the potential of topping $100,000USD during 2021.

PlanB now anticipates that the price of BTC will not be falling below $8,200 at any point during this calendar year, which is contrary to other predictions citing BTC's potential to dip to $6k and even $4k during 2020.

The firm said:

"2020: BTC stays above $8200 (so we are not dropping to $6k or $4k levels that others are predicting now)."

They also now believe that the Bitcoin price at the time of the halving will be more than it is today. They make the case that when new the number of BTC rewarded to miners with each block falls to 6.25 this year Bitcoin will trade for at least $10,000.

What do you think about the future of Bitcoin? Will it break the 6-figure mark any time soon, or is it doomed to keep fluctuating at the current rate? Let us know down below.

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